[APP] First class

Today was the first class of Applications with Nancy Hechinger. I didn’t know what to expect, and to be honest I still don’t and according to my notes here that’s a good thing.

That’s the nature of introductory classes though, isn’t it? We learned about the basic rules and that apparently it’s the “easiest class at ITP”. Nancy also shared the story of the founder of ITP, Red Burns. We still had a good hour and a half left. One would wonder what else awaits us? More rules? More history? Nah, what happened next was completely unexpected.

Picture of Carter Emmart

In the very first class Nancy invited a guest speaker by the name of Carter Emmart. She took her time to introduce him. I mean it took a while. Is he really that great? Turns out, yes he is. He is the Director of Astrovisualization at American Museum of Natural History and one of the Lead Designers or Curators (I hope I am getting the title correctly here) the Creative Lead of Open Space to which the lecture was devoted. The real meaning behind the lecture was that we need to take care of our planet, there are no borders on Earth when seen from space, and HOLY SMOKES BATMAN look how tiny we are!

Picture of class looking at the Open Space software

I am trying to be concise here, but basically make sure to check out Open Space, it’s free because it’s open source and it’s absolutely breathtaking. I cannot wait to get my hands on it once I get home and install it. I mean it’s so smooth.

Picture of Open Space showing the immense size of the universe known to humans.

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