The battle of two WordPresses

I haven’t installed or managed a CMS for over 8-9 years now and I completely forgot what is what and when and how. After purchasing a “Premium” plan for $96 I was confused why I couldn’t access the whole CSS style of the theme I was initially keen on using. Turns out you need a “Business” plan! Does it cost more? Well, yes of course. You will also need it to use plug-ins. That’s right you cannot install the plethora of plug-ins without the famous “Business” plan. Needless to say I was tired, confused and quite annoyed. After 10 seconds searching into the topic, it all finally dawned on me! WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG are different entities! This is a crime against humanity.

I couldn’t believe that hosting got more expensive over the last decade and to my delight it hasn’t. I will be getting my own hosting plan and my own damn open-source WordPress with blackjack and hookers!

To everyone who might think that I am dumb – yes I am. To everyone who agrees with me that this kind of intentional marketing misdirection is absolute malarkey – thank you.

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