[FAB] Introductions and First Assignment (A1)

Today we had the first class for Intro to Fabrication with Mark Kleback. We discussed safety and the vast options of tools that we have at ITP.

The main takeaway from today’s class was that we need to be resourceful. I am talking screws, drill bits, measuring tape, and what not. The list goes on.

Our first assignment is to make a flashlight. The two requirements are that it has to be battery powered and has to have an led. The look of it is up to us. One of the things I thought of is to put it in a wooden structure, but ITP is still setting up at its new location in Brooklyn so I am not able to use any kind of saw at the moment. Another idea is to wrap it in cloth. I am still brainstorming. The deadline is next week, so I have some time. Though, it was recommended heavily to get onto projects as soon as possible. So my first step will be to do a rough sketch and then order necessary materials.

We also learned that WD-40 is indeed the Supreme Leader of All. Here you can see Mark using it on a drill as a cutting fluid.

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