[FAB] A2: Five (of something)


Create 5 of something. Anything, as long as it’s an identical process for each 5. We must use at least two of the power tools available to us at the shop or elsewhere.


  • Five cups for coffee?
    1. Awesome? Yes!
    2. Problems? Yes! I looked up how to stain a wooden cup properly and it would take approximately 2 weeks. Time constraints. Obviously the shape is what’s most important, however, I am against delivering an unfinished product.
    3. Can I make it out of something else: yes!
    4. How? Research necessary.
  • Chopsticks?
    1. Same problems as above potentially, plus Jason is making chopstick rest thingie, so maybe I am subconsciously thinking the same?
  • Things other cups or utencils. Think brain, think!


At first I tried to make cups, smaller cups, and earrings and it all failed. I don’t know why but the wood would break or it wasn’t perfect and I would get irritated. Then, I decided that enough is enough and I shouldn’t care too much about it being perfect. So I finally decided on making a hairbrush/comb.

Step 1 was to cut a wooden block with the big saw in the shop.

Step 2 was to use the seesaw saw to make those little openings.

Step 3 was to use the dremel and sand paper to smooth out the edges and all.

Step 4 was going to be to paint it, but unfortunately there was no time.


When the hair comb is too thin – it’s hard to shape it and use it.

When the hair comb is too thick – it’s hard to make those incisions.

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