[FAB] A3: Laser Cutting


Create something with the laser cutter that’s more than just a simple etching.


A Japanese style fan? Sounds plausible!


So I thought that I can make it out of a thin sheet of acrylic and yeah, it cut and went well. But then I made a mistake and chose to use acrylic “paper” (super thing adhesive acrylic that I found at Canal Plastics) as my inside support.

I only thought of looks and not of the foundational material, so to speak. I should have stuck to wood or the 1/16 acrylic thin sheets that I used for the outer support. I will try and come back tomorrow and re laser everything. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make it all better. But I went through the process of making it twice now and feel comfortable cutting it all up. Thanks to Patrick for his paper glue by the way.

(Un)finished product

So the problem is obviously with the weight of the support beams. They are just way too thin and too light. I tried adding wires to the back and quickly realized I should have been adding this weight to the bottom of the beams, not the top.


I will try harder and choose better materials next time.

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