[ICM] A3: Random Animations?


DO: In general this week, you should work with rule-based animation, motion, and interaction. You can use the ideas below or invent your own assignment. Start by working in pairs as below. Can you divide an idea into two parts and combine those parts? (e.g. One of you codes the input behaviors and the other one codes the output behaviors.) Can you swap sketches and riff of of your partner’s work? You can post together or break off and complete the assignment individually.

My partner is Lanni for this project.


One thing I wanted to do is to improve upon my last week’s sketch.

Before the background would change randomly upon loading the image, this time I made it map according to the mouse movement. I improved the colors displayed and I think it’s more fun now.

Next thing I wanted to do is make some text appear based on clicking somewhere. I accomplished this together with Lanni by looking at the example code for mouseIsPressed button with bounds provided by Cassie.

One other thing I wanted to add is to make background be black at first and once clicked it would allow to change it. I succeeded in doing that, but then we add some other code and it basically blocked it. But it’s better that way.

The finished product

Here is the finished product. Obviously to interact with it, please visit the link.

And when you click the sun, this happens:

The word ‘impeach’ appears when clicking on the sun.


Working with Lanni was nice because she is smart. I would definitely work with her again. I learned a lot faster this time than before.

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