[FAB] A5: Make an object out of two different materials


Make something out of two materials


The assignment is very open ended, which is nice and difficult at the same time. A lot of different examples were shown in class and I kept thinking back to them whenever I thought of an idea. So that wasn’t helpful. For instance, there was that cool vase made with a glass tube and it was so slick that I wanted to make one as well.

After scratching my head for a while, I figured that I should try and make a coffee table. I voiced that thought to Jake Sherwood and when he went home that day he stumbled upon a used ottoman on Bond & Wyckoff:

Turns out it wasn’t an ottoman, but a Leg-o-matic table made by Lorraine Metal Mfg. Co. After a quick google search I found out that the company went out of business in 1953. So the table must have been old and that was visible. I cleaned it up, sanded it, and shortened the legs. The reason why I kept the table the way it is instead of just using it for scraps is because of its very cool leg mechanism: all legs open up/fold at once!

I knew that the assignment is to make something out of two materials and not “find a table on the street”. Because I wanted a coffee table, I thought of coffee shops and how they have those chalkboards. I attached a thick piece of cardboard on top of the table and painted it with chalkboard paint. And now I got a chalkboard coffee table!

It folds nicely, so I can hang it up on the wall or just lean it against a wall. Pretty nice, but it does need improvements. Mainly I need to apply another coat of chalkboard paint, which can be applied after 24 hours of the initial coat, and probably change the top from cardboard to something more smooth like metal.

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