[FAB] Final


Use motors and mount them.


The moment I heard what we need to do, I knew that I want to play around more with coffee cans from Trader Joe’s because I got a lot of them. I ordered a couple FLORMOON 3-12 motors. They came with wheels and mounts on them as well as screws. I was surprised by their small size, but was in awe of how well put together they were.

Meet Canera-kun

I named him Canera-kun, because he is a coffee can and he holds cameras (my iPhone) and takes videos. He has a “spoiler” in the back for balance and a rod to control him because he reaaaally loves going to the left. That is one of my challenges, I suspect it’s because each motor has its own 9v battery. However, I am not sure if that’s exactly the problem because I used brand new 9v batteries. I think that one of the wheels wobbles a little (the tire I mean) and that cause Canera-kun to go to the left.

Here are three different perspectives:

Our perspective when watching Canera-kun
Canera-kun’s adventure with iPhone in him
Canera-kun’s adventure with iPhone looking back

Conclusion and future iterations…

The one thing I learned, but also expected, is counter-weights and balance. The rod that was added is a mere short-term fix for the left-leaning problem. I never even thought of controlling him, because I expected him to just go straight (which he did before I put up a cylinder on top). Ideally I did want to control him with a remote of some sort. I hope to make a second version of him when I learn how to use arduino and its wireless function.

In terms of the video produce by Canera-kun, I mean it’s pretty good. There is definitely a shake happening, but it’s barely noticeable. The most noticeable thing is the noise from the motors. A wireless microphone is probably the solution, but even then I think it will pick up the noise. Perhaps there is another motor out there that’s just as powerful, but not as loud. A lot more is left to explore in the world of Fabrication and this is definitely just a beginning.

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