[ICM] A7: Cleaning up

Midterm cleaning up.

Facing my challenges.

I am beginning to understand more.

I am definitely more comfortable remembering some of the commands like mousePressed(), push(), pop(), etc. It’s becoming more and more natural to write the small stuff.

Coding language definitely reminds me grammar in any human language. The moment we decide to start a sentence, we know that it should start with a capital letter and that it should end with a period. In coding, the moment {I open curly brackets, I remember to close them}. P5.js web editor makes sure to remind me, but sometimes it doesn’t know when I wanted or intended for the curly brackets to close.

I think of functions as the alphabet, except there is no definitive order and that each ‘letter’ contains more meaning and that…that reminds me of kanji, the Chinese characters. Funny how the mind can tie two different things together and find something in common. I hope we can do that as humanity.

Personally, there is little to no enjoyment for me in p5. When I write the code I like to see vibrant colors and faded effects. When I see the codes of my peers I don’t care what I see, I just want to see it. There is curiosity and wonder, unlike when it comes to my creations (if I can even call them that).

My hope is that the more I learn, the more I begin to love it. For now I am just getting through it.

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