[ANI] A2: We Will Be Okay, After Effects Animation


Create a short animation in After Effects that has a primary character and tells a quick story 1-3 minutes. Due week 5


My partner was Sarah Liriano. We had several ideas we wanted to do: an ITP promo video, a person exploring Brooklyn, and a dog walking through the streets. We talked to our professor and decided to animate the dog because it’s cuter. The idea behind our animation was our day to day anxiety caused by news. Every single day is “breaking news” in 2019. With Trump as president, it’s unbearable. It feels as if there is no air. We wanted to show that in our animation.


Sarah is experienced with Illustrator/Adobe and I am familiar with it and After Effects, but overall it was a new endeavour for us both in terms of animating. Sarah was in charge of animating the backgrounds and designing the dog, and I was animating the dog and chose music. We were both very busy and met up rarely, but when we did meet up we got a lot done. We think that we would have done a better job if we had more time, or if we had done animations full time.



Working in After Effects can be a frustrating process, especially if it’s a new environment. It’s extremely powerful, but it lacks a lot of Appearance options. For example, in Photoshop (also an Adobe product) there are options to make the suite look brighter and make scaling look different.

Sarah Liriano was an extremely pleasant person to work with. She is from the Dominican Republic and I learned a lot about her country and culture. She suggested trying out mangú and sancocho, her go-to Dominican dishes. But besides her charming personality, she is extremely diligent and hard-working. I don’t even know if she takes breaks. Sarah, if you are reading this, please take a break and have an ice cream or something 🙂

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