[BIO] Climate change and its impact on food

An unnecessary disconnect

Right now, at least in US, we are disconnected from each other for some bizarre reason. There are people who do not believe in science and who think that climate change is not real. That it’s a hoax. This notion creates an unnecessary obstacle towards better legislation that can battle climate change. It boggles the minds of many. Who even benefits from this kind of misinformation? Oil companies? Water bottling companies? The illuminati? It’s  hard to not call people stupid. Usually ignorance can be forgiven. Sometimes there are circumstances that prevent people from obtaining higher education, but in the age of information somehow willful ignorance dominates the masses and it’s hard to forgive.

Here is an image from NASA showing the current level of carbon dioxide.


The fact that it shoots up like this from 1950 should be a sign alone.

Instead of focusing on the problem we are bickering

All of it is for the sake of greed. At some point the masses will feel the impact of climate change due to food and water shortages. The investor Michael Burry, portrayed by Christian Bale, in the 2015 movie “The Big Short” said that he is investing in water.  It’s easy to see why. Two days ago the Los Angeles Times posted an article about how a portion of California is abnormally dry. By the time the masses realize what’s going on, will it be too late? Can food bring us together? According to conflicts in Syria and Yemen – yeah it can be too late.

We are comfortable here for now

How long until we or our children are not? Back when I lived in the countryside of Japan I noticed that most super markets did not carry “everything”. It was seasonal. Strawberries appeared during a certain time of the year and then disappeared. Special Aomori apples would come and go. Crab wasn’t available all year round. When I would go home to US for Christmas or break, I was extremely surprised by the sheer amount of choices we have. It felt more comfortable. Now, I understand that it’s probably not very sustainable to have super pretty strawberries available to me 365 days a year. It feels nice, but what if at some point we won’t have these luxuries anymore. Will we be showing our kids foods that used to exist in a picture book?

One thought on “[BIO] Climate change and its impact on food”

  1. I love this post so much Erkin – it’s a balance of facts, culture and emotion. Here in the US we are a population of instant gratification and reward – the most difficult thing is having people imagine how their behavior now impacts their future. Naomi Klein’s book This Changes Everything https://naomiklein.org/this-changes-everything/ addresses a lot of the issues you bring up = sadly it came out in 2014 and not enough has changed since then but we continue to make inroads – even if they are for capitalist gain – that might be the fastest pathway to gain – using the The Big Short model of consumption – just make it profitable and companies will follow the money – even if it’s for the right reasons..

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