[DTA] Intro Post and Prototype Idea


  1. Setup your blog and email me the link.
  2. Prototype and document a Phone Add-On device/object


I haven’t found a partner yet, but I had a couple ideas come to my head right away:

1. A Phone Add-On that connects two phones together for people who need to multi-task. Looks simply just like the lightning connector, except it has two of them on both ends.

2. A phone add on that acts as a megaphone – device to amplify the voice. A Megaphone Phone Addon.

I thought of two phones because I know a lot of “businessmen” out there who have several phones and for them it’s important to let people know that they own several phones.

The second idea stems from the need to have a microphone at certain organized events.

I think that phone addons like these differ from accessories because they have an some utility to them. For example my megaphone idea vs say… a pikachu case for a phone have completely different uses. One is practical (and possibly annoying) and the other showcases one’s interests. Though of course I wouldn’t be able to disregard the possibility of a tool that is both a utility and an accessory. That can come in a form of teletubby ears that is also a beer opener.

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