Soft Opportunities in the Wild



  • Visit a Toy Store, Hardware Store, Craft Store, Home Store, Sporting Goods Store or other (single use store recommended)


Choosing a store

I chose Michaels because close to my home and I used to frequent it last semester.


My expectation was that I would find a lot of soft materials. The result surprised me! It was quite hard to find soft materials at Michaels. Here are the items I chose:

1. Thick Elastic Cord

Attracted me because of colors, but I like it for its elasticity. I think it can be quite useful if cut apart. Could be good to pull with fingers.


2. Leather/leather cord like material. Feels nice, but clearly stretches and most likely does not return to its form. The thickness is nice. img_7744

3. Leather trim is a little different from the cord because of it’s area size. I can imagine it rolling.img_7745

4. Basic t-shirt by Gildan. I checked the tag and it says it’s 100% cotton. Could be useful if cut apart possibly.img_7742

5. These pipe cleaners aren’t actually soft on the inside, but the outside is. I am not sure if this counts as soft material. Probably not, but it’s easy to bend.img_7749

6. Bead and jewelry cord. It’s a roll and it’s bendy. I can see how it can be useful, but I don’t find it attractive.img_7751

7. Parachute cord. It’s not very elastic, but it has a little give. Plus, it’s thick. The sturdiness can be useful for larger installations, projects.img_7741

8. This is felt. A little bit fuzzy. Can be used as padding.img_7748

9. Foam sheets are just like the felt above, but not fuzzy.img_7747

10. Finally these painting brushes. Obviously the wood is not soft, but the top part of the brush is super soft and can be used as legs or extensions perhaps. img_7743


Finding soft materials at Michaels is not the easiest. I also never searched specifically for soft materials and doing it for the first time was eye opening. If I had to pick a few items I would probably get the elastic cord. I think that has the most use due to its elasticity.


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