The Next Food

A look to the past…

Going through ideas of what to make or even what to imagine is hard when you are not really a farmer. I spent a lot of my childhood at my grandpa’s farm and there I was surrounded by cows, sheep, horses, chickens, goats. Grandpa always stocked up on hay before winter and was making deals with other farmers. When grandparents weren’t farming they were growing fruits and vegetables at the home gardens. I am talking cucumbers, carrots, eggplants, all sorts of herbs, apricots, apples, pears, cranberries, black currant, red currant, grapes, strawberries, and my most favorite: raspberries. These memories are pleasant as they remind me of warm summers when we picked the fruit and cold winters when we enjoyed our pickled tomatoes and peppers.

…to dream of the future.

As an adult I don’t spend any of my days at the farm anymore. I have other things occupying my mind. That is not to say that I am above farming. On the contrary I am below it and I appreciate it very much. I have the luxury of choosing wines anywhere from New Zealand to California. Such is the effect of globalization and to a larger extent capitalism. Yes, let’s not forget the positive aspects of worldwide trade. Our supermarkets are filled with varieties of food generally due to cultural exchange. Products like soy sauce, tortillas, kielbasas, kefir, rice noodles, cheese, curry, soda, they are all located at one place. I think that is amazing and I hope that future generations can have an interplanetary section at their supermarkets. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to read a blog about martian rice? What could be the differences between martian and gaian basmati rice?

What’s next?

I honestly don’t know. Perhaps, hybrids of hybrids? A lot of the foods we enjoy today have been designed by us. Maybe we will be combining bananas with potatoes, tomatoes with eggplants, wheat with rice, raspberries with…On the other hand let’s leave raspberries alone. Speaking of berries, there are so many of them out in the wild! Somehow through the ages we learned which ones are good for us and which ones aren’t. Maybe there are some wild plants out there that we haven’t tried modifying yet. Who knows? Not me. One thing I do know is that whatever comes next, let’s have a large variety of them and let’s pass on the nostalgia.

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