Cats are the best. They are chill creatures who like to be left alone until they decide they want to be cuddled. Their agility inspires a lot of games, anime, and media in general. Catwoman, for example, besides fighting can also perform double-triple jumps and is quite flexible. In real life cats are also flexible and in general thought of as “liquid” since they can fit through very narrow crevices and holes.

In the video above we can see that cats tend to land on their feet mostly because of their leg work. As they fall front legs quickly rotate downwards, while back legs extend to the back before retracting inwards and down to the ground. They absorb the impact equally throughout their body.

I think this weight distribution can be applied to robotics in general, but I am not sure if there is a way to apply this to soft robotics specifically. One way is probably to replicate the cat landing phase and when a robot falls its feet would rotate downwards (if they have extra weight in them) and then puff up as they land to soften the landing.

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