“It’s me, Erkin. Start coffee, no sugar.”


Coffee growing and making is a long process that results in a delicious, warm, cozy, and stimulating cup. Coffee drinkers around the world enjoy the delicious Arabica species every day. For some, it’s an irreplaceable part of their day. There are many ways to prepare a cup of coffee and that’s what makes it so satisfying – the ritual.

My ritual

I start my day by waking up, heading to my kitchen space, getting my beans ground (unless they already are), opening up my coffee maker lid, removing the old filter, putting in a new one, inserting coffee beans, filling it up with water, and pressing that start button. This is just my way, and it’s not my only way of making coffee. Everybody is different and everyone has their own process, their own choice of beans, their own way of preparing their coffee.

The ritual of making coffee is personal, soothing, pure. Same is true for when we go to coffee shops. Even coffee shops themselves are full of personality and culture. Different vibe provides a different kind of enjoyment. Watching someone make you a cup of coffee also evokes feelings of appreciation for the mastery and the art of the craft.

Cultivating coffee

We shouldn’t forget the coffee growers who work very hard to pick the very best of beans and to share their region with the rest of the world. Some are doing it out of love and some are cultivating coffee to support themselves. Stumping, pruning, collecting, milling, fermenting, drying, etc. – the long and extremely laborious process that comes before roasting even begins.

Climate change

All of these processes and rituals can get hurt, or even worse lost, if the current trends of nature disrespect continue. It is estimated that over 60% of all coffee species can go extinct by 2088. Coffee is going to be in danger. The truth is that Earth will be fine without us, humans. That’s the truth. Our planet is a massive body of rock that will persevere until our Sun blows up some billions of years later. The importance of addressing climate change lies within our own interests of survival. We need to look beyond solutions, we need to look for improvement.


As with most cases, improvement lies in the future and what’s better to imagine than future in space? Imagine going into your favorite coffee shop and seeing a new roast of Mars Coffee or Moon Coffee. Wouldn’t that be absolutely exciting? I believe that it’s possible. It’s just going to take us some time. Improvement is a process that’s just like cultivating coffee – first you plant the seed.

Quick look at history

Besides coffee, I also like a good pint of beer. When I was exploring craft beers I noticed that I really enjoyed IPA brews. Now, what does IPA stand for? India Pale Ale. Why did they call it that? Because of the East India Company! They would essentially brew pale ales in a way so that they could handle the long trips to India and back when they were trading goods.

Back to the future

In the future, when we travel to Mars or any other planet we will be growing and transporting all kinds of crops and goods. Through hydroponics and simulated sunlight we can transport and grow food for use on other planets. For example, it can take anywhere from 150-300 days to get to mars. During this period we can grow special Mars Tesla Coffee, or Mars NASA Coffee.

My ritual in space

I start my day by waking up, floating to the communal kitchen area, getting my beans powdered into a capsule pod, ejecting the previous capsule pod (they are reusable) from the coffee machine that’s built into the wall, inserting my capsule with coffee powder, choosing the amount of water I would like to use with my cup, letting the water automatically flow into the machine, and finally telling the machine to start the brewing process, “It’s me, Erkin. Start coffee, no sugar.”

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