Coronavirus Inspired Absurd Wearable House Mask


Using found objects and available materials (cardboard, cardstock, tape, strings, etc) design and prototype an Absurd Wearable. The Absurd Wearable should have more than one moving part. Get creative and give special attention to the the forms and architecture of the objects and the way it interfaces with the body and its movements.


initial idea

This was sort of the initial idea I had in my head. Make a wearable box mask. I don’t have much resources at home and with the coronavirus business, I thought that an absurd mask would be perfect.


This rectangular cardboad box
Poster tack, plastic wrap, tape, scissors, black marker, and not picture is a very sharp knife.

My apartment is quite small (surprise, surprise), and having too much cardboard lying around is usually is not an option, so I only had one cardboard box.


At first, I made just a rectangular box, but then it just didn’t fit right and I couldn’t go through doors. So then I made a square box by basically shortening the wide portions of the box.

transforming rectangular box into a square box

When I made the square shape I realized that it kind of looks like a house, so I basically just started making it look like one.

I didn’t want it to look boring, so I added a chimney and covered in LaCroix boxes to make the front look like lawn and top look like roof.

That’s pretty much the final result. I realize I failed at the “make it move” objective, so later on I made it so that the door opens up.

Coronavirus inspired wearable house mask!

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