Radio Reference


Use the Radio Reference database to look up the frequencies in a geographic location you are interested in.

One – Raleigh

First, I decided to check on Raleigh, NC. It’s the capital of my home state. Starting off with something that’s familiar is probably a good base to establish. This was my very first search on Radio Reference and I was surprised to see many different sections like they are above.

There were three Fire Dispatch frequencies, seven Public Works ones, and only one Utility frequency.

Nothing that really startled me there. There were like 8-10 Amateur Radios. I listened to some of them and it was just static.

Two – Auckland, NZ

It took me a minute, but then I realized that you can choose other countries as well! Last summer I visited New Zealand, so I selected their capital Wellington.

I was greeted with slightly different information. I was presented with only one agency: Railroads. There were 9 railroads and some of them were classified as ferries. Also there was no map up front.

When I visited the nationwide reports, there was not much information either. Surprisingly, only the region Bay of Plenty had their information updated in the last 24 hours.

Three – Japan

Before moving to NYC I lived in Japan. Just like New Zealand it had not much information, but the availability of different zones was better.

I selected Aichi Prefecture as I have been there before and was greeted with the following:

I couldn’t really understand the data, so I looked at other tabs available in that zone and the “Trunked Systems” tab revealed this:

Clicking on Nagoya University revealed a lot of different frequencies:

It’s a prestigious university in Japan, so the large variety explains itself.


There is a large discrepancy between US and other countries on Radio Reference. But seeing so much information is honestly baffling. I had no idea it was all public.

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