Lockdown-19: A Coronavirus Inspired Board Game


Ever since Coronavirus has begun the assignments had to change and for this one we had to make something related to the crisis.


I already made a mask for the previous assignment, so it was quite challenging to think up of another one that’s related to coronavirus. After some pondering, I decided to make a game. My mains inspirations were games like Monopoly and Sorry! I have also made a lot of educational game boards before and I understand the basics of board game design. I did not want to make it complicated so at first I came up with this board made out of cardboard and paper:

The way the game plays is very simple and similar to my inspirations. You roll the dice and arrive on a tile and then you have to complete those tasks/challenges. For example the very first tile after “Start” is commanding you to do 20 push ups. Naturally, the very first reactions I got from our in class discussion is that these challenges were not so absurd and were not so out there. Additionally, people did not really see a challenge or a goal.


I recognized the above problems and did my best to improve the game. It was true that the game had no challenge and no end goal. So I introduced the concept of “Masks” and made the challenges more Absurd (almost like a punishment game). Once you collect three Masks you win the game and the challenge lies in your ability to roll the dice in a way that allows you to collect Masks in an efficient manner. Furthermore, I added two extra diagonal pathways to allow players to have some choice.

Players start on the bottom right, at “You’ve got ‘rona!”

I made all the text be up right to make it printable like a poster. I even wanted a poster myself to play test, but unfortunately due to the crisis the shipment got delayed.

Ideally, I believe that this game should be played with 2 or more people as doing these weird challenges will be more fun together run than alone. That said, it is perfectly playable alone for when we completely go bonkers bored out of our minds.

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